Monday, August 30, 2010

Gently Used (Insert Mom Joke Here)

I am doing one of the awesome new blogger challenges lined up, this one being to show off items we have had for one or more years! With so many people coming and going in SL a year can be a pixel lifetime. I buy multiple items *every day* so often even old favorites get lost in the inventory vortex of doom.I had to bust out this outfit by Artilleri since I have had it for over three years. Yes, THREE years, and it still looks better quality than most new releases from other stores. This is quite a feat! And, well, look how cute it makes me butt look :D
The skin is one from Chai, which is owned by the same owner as L. Fauna. Chai skins were early favorites of mine and I have had this bad boy since 2008. I think I have every makeup in several tones from this particular skin line xD I added some "modern" cleavage to it from Ayumi because my current av is kind of flat chested and it looked weird with the low cut shirt >.> This skin line is still a favorite of mine, years after it was released.
Shirt and Pants: Artilleri (3+ years)
Skin: Chai (2+ years)
Hair: SLink (1 year)
Shoes: Maitreya (Approx. 2 years, still free in subscriber)
Glasses: Insolence (3+ years)
Necklace: Caroline's (Approx. 2 years)
Bracelets: Armidi (Recent Acquisition but was not created recently)
Cleavage: Ayumi (recent acquisition)
Eyes: Wasabi Pills (Approx. 1 year, still free by the lucky chair)
**Most items are still available for purchase; I did not, however, check to make sure that *all* of them are


Jaxie Oceanlane said...

Totally fab standbys, and you're so right about quality...OMG, wait I have those pants, I love those pants. I'm putting them on RIGHT NOW. Fun post, thanks Sileny!

Sileny said...

lolol TY for the comment! And yesss all of my old Artilleri stuff still rocks. The cha-cha outfit is great to. Might have to wear that one next!


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