Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shiny Happy Person

Every time I get a new skin from Street Dermatology I get a rush of creativity. They are very different from anything available in SL and they start my rusty mind wheels spinning. The skin line has been recently updated (people who purchase the full pack get life long updates!!) to include cleavage options other than the super hot KAPOW cleavage that they are known for. They actually now include an option for itty bitty titties. :O I know, unheard of right? So you don't have to be medium or can be petite-breasted as well and not look crazy (you know what I mean...flast chest with super cleavage shading? Happens far too often I must say).

The face just kills me too. The mouth...I want to lick it. Doesn't it look glossy good!? I loved this face so much I made several new shapes to go with it, but am not releasing them all to prevent overkill, lol. The face, to me, looks young and fresh but not "child" at all. I am very, very happy with it.

As usual, the skins come in tones from pale white to the darkest brown. Modifiable makeup (YES, modifiable...each skin is virtually a fat pack), and customisable body and face options. Go grab and be the coolest girl on the block.

Skin: Street Dermatology
Hair: Lamb (tinted to match the back drop)
Outfit: Deviance (it's actually from a Playboy Bunny-type outfit)



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