Saturday, August 8, 2009

Really, Really, Nice Skins.

Extra creative post titles FTW! Anyway, Staged skins are awesome. Really, really, awesome. I probably would have not heard of them yet if it weren't for the awesome Sophia so all the thanks goes to her.

The bodies on these skins are pretty much flawless. The cleavage is perfect, the tones are wonderful, the shading wonderfully placed. The stomach looks soft, but firm. There are little dimples above the rear end that made me squee. Really, I don't have any complaints about these skins.

The faces are where the real treasure is. I am a face person, often times I don't even look at the body when buying a skin. These faces are full of win. Every makeup option is something I would wear, something perfectly suited to the skin. There are more makeup options in the line than what I have shown so defiantely go take a look.

I haven't made any adjustments to the face shots of these skins in photoshop at all. This is just how lovely they are close up. If you are a photographer or blogger in SL I highly recommend these skins because it will make your job much easier since you won't have to monkey around fixing shading and stuff.
Note: Bikini by Laughing Academy. Hair by Dilly Dolls. Shape by me.
P.S.- Join the Staged Skins update group for a gift about to be released!



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