Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WTF!? Why Is Your Picture Not Rezzed?

I have noticed something quite alarming on the feeds.  People are not waiting for skins and makeup to fully rez before taking a picture!!!  Most of the time it's not as drastic as the photo below but it can come quite close.  It's really sad because designers work hours, days, week, months to make a good product and then someone comes along and shows it like this, making it look horrific?  Not cool.  I don't usually post opinions, that's NOT what this blog is for,but it's borderline insulting to any creator when it happens.  I have been doing occasional tutorials on Free*Style and a lot of people are asking for help with simple things and I love to help out.  I assume that when issues like this happen it's a simple case of not knowing how to rebake a texture to make a photo look nice so a simple tutorial might be just what is needed.
First off, make sure your graphics preferences are up to par.  For any photo LOD should be at 4 or more and avatar should be up super high and so should flexi.  I'm doing a close up so everything else doesn't matter much to me.  Here is how my settings in Firestorm look:
Next, get your photo set up how you want it.  Make sure you have the Advanced menu available.  If not, select ctrl+alt+d to show it.  Select Rebake Textures.  The textures rebake pretty fast and often don't stay baked for long since there is a dumb bug so click your snapshot A.S.A.P. while the picture is still clear.
Now doesn't this look better than the first photo?
Before anyone gets all huffy, I know my pictures aren't the best.  I know some people are still newbs at photo taking.  We all had to learn these tricks somewhere if we didn't somehow find them out on our own.  I am just passing this info. along to anyone who might need it.  Obviously someone does or otherwise people wouldn't be taking unrezzed photos and then having the nerve to ask for review copies.  I just hope this helps someone and thanks for letting me get that out of my system! xD
*Note: I didn't wear much in this photo because I didn't want to show something unrezzed and make a designer look bad so I wore a skin from my own store and the hair is from Catwa (which looks lovely even though the hair base is unrezzed in the first shot, of course.)


Kitty DeVaux said...

The baked look doesn't last with that viewer? Then why even use that(or those) particular viewers when taking pics? Especially ones to be used in a blog. That would be a HUGE no-no for me, as I agree with you that it is really bad of anyone to blog something that hasn't fully rezzed. What's the point of even posting a pic. to ones blog if it's going to make the items (and therfor the creator look bad.) If I ever catch you in your shop or somewhere in SL, I have my own personal blogging rant to share with you.....

Sileny said...

Sometimes it will stay baked, I'm not sure why it doesn't always. I want to use the regular viewer but for some reason it crashes on me a lot. :(

I want to hear your rant!!

Kitty DeVaux said...

Have you ever tried:

I've been using Singularity for I guess over a year now and I won't go anywhere else. Yeah, it's like a V1 setup, which is what we oldies learned on (and I like way better), but it has all of the bells and whistles of the other viewers. It even had Mesh way before the others. Anywho....give it a try and let me know what you think? ;)

Sileny said...

Oooh if it has multiple layers and attachments, mesh and shadows I will try it!!


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