Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr. Fancy Feelgood

When I used to play tabletop RPGs (don't judge) one of my characters was named Dr. Fancy Feelgood.  I think I may have been drinking when I created that character.  Anyway, she was a doctor in a post-apocalyptic world who was kind of promiscuous and just a wild, strange character in general.   When I saw this outfit from Bare Rose it reminded me of her and I had to slap it on.  The sushi lingerie from Schadenfreude adds just enough quirkiness to make this character just right to me.
My hair is from Mina and I love this store because I love wavy hair and not everyone makes it.  My hair is stick straight in RL so having wavy hair in SL is a fun change.  My skin is from Amacci, who I usually go to for hair, but the lips on this skin really impressed me so I had to wear it.
Nurse Outfit: Bare Rose, 140L and comes with shoes and stockings and stuff too!
Skin: Amacci @ Festival of Sin
Hair: Mina @ Festival of Sin
Stockings and Sushi Lingerie: Schadenfreude @ Festival of Sin
*Note: The skirt in this photo is a system skirt and I ended up having to heavily photoshop it because apparently shadows + system skirts = suck.  You should be able to see it accurately on the item vendor picture though.


Kitty DeVaux said...

Hubba hubbas this is hawwwt.

I saw those undies at FOS the other day. Yes, I actually made it in to look and shop! (I even dragged the boifriend there.)


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