Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Weeping Song

I've been seeing teaser images advertising the Epoch event for a while now and have been growing increasingly impatient.  It was to the point where I really didn't even want to buy anything else until it opened.  Well, it opened and I was not disappointed.  I was lagging pretty terribly last night, which had nothing to do with the event itself as it was surprisingly lag-free when I went, so I couldn't shop as much as I wanted to but I did pick up a few things right away, like this beastly outfit from Deviant Girls, one of my fave stores in SL, that not only comes with this cool fur shawl but with an entire outfit, even shoes and horns.  My hair is from Iruco and it's lovely in its unisex awesomeness.  The hair was only 150L I think or something around there so I will have to take my male alt over there and grab it too. :P
My eyeshadow is from La Mulvada Mujer.  I always drool with excitement over their store ads and the products inside the vendors certainly do not disappoint.  It comes with two other color eye makeups and a lipstick option as well.  The crown from Addict at the Festival of Sin obviously brings out thoughts of the crucifixion, something that always made me tear up when listening to the stories of it in Catholic church as a small child, so I searched Marketplace and found this free tear tattoo makeup from Spectrals to add to the feel of it. 
Fur Clothing: Deviant Girls @ Epoch
Hair: Iruco @ Epoch
Crown: Addict @ Festival of Sin (mesh item)
Eyeshadow: La Mulvada Mujer @ Epoch
Running Mascara/Tears Tattoo Layer: Spectrals, free
Skin: Adore&Abhor, not yet released
Mismatched Prim Eyes: Tacky Star


Kitty DeVaux said...

/me Swoons over the title track to this one.

I lovvvve the stole! I have this thing for furry soft things in RL and omg...I would drool profusely over that stole in SL. I love the shine/colors of the dripping jewels on it too. Really beautiful!

I've been seeing a lot of teasers for this month's Flux and well...I HAVE TO GO NOW!!! I actually tried early this morning, but I ended up in a tiny skybox of DOOM so, today seems like a good day to try my fate again.

I'll be checking out Epoch sometime after Flux.


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