Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have acquired sooooo many shoes lately.  Some I bought, some were gifts from friends, some were freebies, a couple were review copies...they are just clogging up my inventory with their awesome.  I figured it would take me far too long to do a post about each of them and, frankly, I don't have time to post every single one even if I tried.  So, I chose the five most recent acquisitions to show you in one convenient spot!  First off, these Khan heels from Ingenue.  They are mesh but they aren't rigged so you can fit them easily.  Lots of nice, earthy colors.  I like how they did the spike on heels trend without going way over the top and making it look like a biker porcupine.
Next I have these shoes from Lassitude & Ennui.  These are the version that come with foot and toes are rigged mesh so that the foot actually moves with your leg and bends nice and doesn't look too Frankenstein-y.  There is also a version without the foot part and only the prim toes that is not rigged so you can move it around and do what you want with it.  They come in lusty colors like red, gold, purple, silver and black and you can change the toenail color via a hud.  The foot/toes are tinted via the same hud as the toenails.  It uses a color picker system but you can enter RGB if you like that too.
Now for some not mesh stuff! Haha.  I like the color combo on these boots from Loordes of London.  It's fun to see the baby pink and blue with the tough boot style.  They are only 50L, along with a few other boot styles, at the Love is In the Air event at the Cupcakes sim but the 24th is the last day so hurry!
Also at the Love is In the Air event are these cute boots from Duh!  They are only 10L. :O  There is a pink version also.  AND as a bonus I noticed a free pair of flats at the booth as well.
Finally I wanted to show these awesome/whacky shoes from Hate Me and Eat Me.  If you have read my blog long enough you probably know I love them for the out there styles they always bring and this time is no exception.  These shoes have a prim foot part, which is good because they way they push your foot forward just wouldn't work without it I don't think.  They are click to resize and the skin is tinted via a color picker hud.  They are available in a lot of very, very bright color combinations and since I am a huge fan of bright colors that is a total win.
I hope you find something you like!
Picture One:
Mesh Shoes: Ingenue @ Festival of Sin
Stockings: Sheer
Picture Two:
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui @ Festival of Sin
Picture Three: 
Boots: Loordes of London @ Love is In the Air, 50L through the 24th
Socks: Niniko
Picture Four:
Boots: Duh! @ Love is In the Air, 10L through the 24th
Stockings: Vive9
Picture Five:
Shoes: Hate Me and Eat Me



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