Monday, February 13, 2012

B2B and Flux LOTD

I have so many things to blog!  Today I wanted to share some lovely things from Back to Black and Flux, along with a few other things.  I had a lot of trouble with V3 and getting lighting settings right so if you hate the light settings I use bare with me, I'll get better at it soon.  First off, look at this dress from Jack Spoon.  How adorable is this?  I love the color and the sheen on the fabric.  Yum!  I had to share these cute stools from Starstruck too!  Also,  my little picture is from Silent Sparrow for Flux.  NARWHALS!!  And if for some crazy reason you don't like narwhals there are other animals available as well.
blog 2-13_005
My boots are new for Back to Black from Lassitude & Ennui.  I am loving how wonderful the textures on mesh items show and I am impressed with how they move along with the body without any stiffness.
blog 2-13_006
I had to pimp myself out a bit and show you the skin I did for Back to Black.  It's one of my faves I have ever done so I hope other people enjoy it.  The lips, however, are a tattoo layer from Acid&Mala which I am seriously loving.  The pack comes in a variety of shades of pinkness to match your style.
blog 2-13_013
Also check out this bracelet Airedine made.  It's non-rigged mesh which means you can resize, reposition, etc.  There are other positions for it, like upper arm, forearm, etc.  It also comes in a necklace version and a silver version.  Yay!
Here's the credits and I hope you find something you like!
Worn and Used:
Dress: Jack Spoon @ Back to Black
Mesh Boots: Lassitude & Ennui @ Back to Black (available in a variety of colors)
Lipstick Tattoo Layer: Acid&Mala @ Back to Black (part of a pack)
Stools: Starstruck @ Flux (available in several colors)
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Back to Black
Narwhal Art: Silent Sparrow @ Flux
Hair: Elikatira
Glasses: Intrigue Co.
Ouroboros Bracelet: Adore&Abhor @ Back to Black


Kitty DeVaux said...

The dress is cute, but the BOOTS oh muh gawd...wannnnnt!

I am SO far behind on my blogging lately, it's not even funny.

Hope you have a sweet day today, Miss Noel.

Sileny said...

I'm really behind too. :( Bleh!


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