Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am running late getting this eyeliner dollarbie out for the Flux party but I tried on this jewelry from Dark Mouse at the Festival of Sin and I instantly died of joy, was reincarnated from the majestic powers of the necklace, and then decided to take a picture.  So, here you have it!  One of my fave jewelry sets in a long time.  Enjoy!

Jewelry: Dark Mouse @ Festival of Sin, comes with different wear options and bangles as well.
Hair: Catwa
Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor @ the Flux Mardi Gras party, 1L for the party only (info here)
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Back to Black


Kitty DeVaux said...

I'm very glad you had a successful time at FOS.

I made it to FOS just once so far, and know what I would complain about....after about the third time crashing, I decided two things:

1. I wouldn't trust buying something there when I got two error msgs. just trying to get one freebie while I was there.

2. There isn't anything I really *need* that badly that can't wait until after the event is over.
I'm disappointed that after of all of the work that was put into the sim & the items themselves, the event only lasts two weeks. Not sure how the 40 av limit & lag will be able to beat that.

(And yes, my arc was at ONE, cleared cache before I went all the rest of that technical jazz...)

Sileny said...

Oh man! :( I am lucky because I am a designer in the event so I got in early and didn't have to deal with lag, the best benefit of being a store owner to be honest, lol. I am sure within a couple of days it will empty out though. Events are usually only busy for the first week or so.


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