Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick and Casual

  Just wanted to share this casual, romantic look from Paper Moon for Fantasy Faire this morning.  This outfit has so many pieces and I have not shown them all here even.  Here I am wearing the headpiece, the belt, the skirt, and the bonus eye makeup (from M.O.C.K. Cosmetics) but you can also get a top and rings as well.  I had a problem with the alpha layer for the skirt so I made my own.  Not sure if it was my own problem or if it was an actual mistake so I sent the creator a note about it.  I'll update this post when I get more info.!  Other than that I really like this outfit, especially the belt!  More details below. EDIT: The alpha is fixed and the creator is super nice and awesome.  Support nice creators! :D
Outfit: Paper Moon @ Fantasy Faire
Shirt: Ingenue
Skin: Tuli
Feet and Hands: SLink
Hair: Alice Project @ Zodiac
Poses: Marukin


Sohma G. said...

Hey! I tried to send you a message in saying thank you for pointing it out! I went back and fixed it in every vendor but the RFL one, sadly, since it's a hard set up. But thank you SO MUCH for pointing it out! I did fix it because you pointed it out :D

and THANK YOU for blogging about my creation :D

and hey, I set up a FB page if anybody is interested!

sohma Dix
*paper moon*

Sileny said...

Yay! I am glad to know its all fixed. I updated the post. Thanks for replying so quickly, I love supporting helpful creators. :D

Sohma G. said...

and i love people loving my stuff! yay!


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