Saturday, April 6, 2013

Food and Shoes

  I love both food and shoes and combining them for eating and wearing isn't generally a good idea so have some photos instead!
  The first pair of shoes is from Dilly Dolls.  Original mesh, lots of colors available, awesome as always.  She tends to do items in color options for everyone, from dark, goth colors to sweet, pastel colors.  You can pretty much find any color you want.  My food choice here is the pizza from Scarlet Apple currently at Collabor88.  What can I say, I love pizza.  It has steam coming off of it inworld but I turned particles off for the photo out of habit so you can't see it here.
   The second pair you probably already have and know about but when I thought burger and fries I thought drive-in rollerskating waitress.  They are from The Secret Store, there are a million colors, they were for The Arcade but that is over now.  My burger and fries (and cute little ketchup packets!) are from Pilot and were a past FLF item.  So cute!!
  OK, back to taking more pictures of shoes.  I really love shoes and it is time I gave them some more love.  More details below!
Heels: Dilly Dolls, lots of color options and packs available
Roller Skates: The Secret Store, gacha from past Arcade, not sure if still available but I will check when I log in next and update then.
Burger Meal: Pilot
Pizza: Scarlet Apple @ Collabor88 (ends today I think)
Leggings: Sn@tch
Stocking: Sheer
Skin: Not available



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