Friday, May 10, 2013

Back It Up

  I take so many close-ups, side shots and frontal shots I figured it was time to just do it from the back.  *Immature giggle*
  I like these pants from Somnia because I wish I could wear super full pants in RL but I can't because I am short and chubby and it looks stupid. :P  This tank top from Cargo, with its back zipper, is great for reverse shots.  My piano scarf, which admittedly you can't see that well here so oops, is a past Arcade gacha item from Fatewear that I adore because I have one almost exactly the same in RL.  It's my fave wintertime item so yay for having it in SL!
Shirt: Cargo
Pants: Somnia @ 100 Block, currently only 95L per set, price will raise after the event
Skin: Tuli
Hands/Feet/Ballet Shoes: SLink
Scarf: Fatewear
*More about the 100 Block event HERE



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