Friday, April 5, 2013

My Top Five Pet Peeves

  So Strawberry Singh did a post HERE asking what our top five pet peeves in SL are. I have a zillion annoyances, lol, but these are the ones off the top of my head.  Let's go!

1. People who don't link their post directly in Flickr and just link to the blog in general.  Like instead of putting "Posted here:" they would just put "Posted here: ."  That frustrates me.  If I see a post I would like to read and see that it just has the main link I will just close it out and remember not to bother next time I see a post from them.  I know I could look through or look in the history or whatever but I don't want to have to work to see a post when there are plenty of easy, nice ones out there. EDIT: I know that there is a rule about URLs in Flick but if someone is already posting a URL to their blog then they might as well post the direct link. :P

2. People who put things in Flickr groups that don't belong.  I understand accidentally doing it once in a while but when people do it regularly it just makes them look like a lazy attention hog.  Mass adding is gross people!  When I notice it is a regular thing for people in my groups I just block them.

3. People who do a full look on their fashion blog and only credit one thing.  I understand wanting to keep things to yourself but why bother doing a full body outfit shot if you are only crediting the hair?  I am not going to bother commenting to ask where you got something and waiting for a response that might never come.  Lame.

4. Creators who don't read their note cards but still write responses assuming they know what is in them.  I would rather someone not respond to me at all than to assume that just because I am a blogger I am writing to them asking for free things.  Deoridhe wrote a post HERE along those lines.  I had a similar experience a bit ago where I contacted the CSR for a store via notecard, like the creator's profile asked, and the CSR wrote me a rude IMing about not asking for blog review copies.  my note wasn't about blogging or review copies at all.  It put me off of the entire store in general.

5.  People who copy & paste or screenshot things to people from private messages or plurks that really don't need to be.  For example, I once made a private Plurk to a few people I thought were my close friends just letting off steam about someone who had frustrated me with their comments in a different Plurk.  Once I let the steam off I was fine, done, no more complaining about the person and it was over.  Never would have affected the person I was talking about in any way.  Next thing I know, the person I was crabbing about is sending me messages telling me they got screen shots of what I said, it was messed up, etc.  What was the point of my so called friend doing that?  It didn't do anything but hurt me, hurt the person they told, and cause drama.  Friend should be able to vent to friends, as long as they aren't spreading false rumors, without fear of retribution.  I still am friends with whoever ratted me out, and I would still be even if I knew who it was that told, but they never did so I will never know who it was and *that* hurts more than anything.  Yes, I know, don't say anything on the internet you don't want to spread to everyone else, but that is just fucked up.

Anyway, enough bitching.  No photos because I don't want pictures related to complaining, haha.  These are just my opinions for the day so don't be mad at me please. :x


Strawberry Singh said...

I really hate it when bloggers don't link to the exact post either. However, one thing I just realized, when I link mine on my flickr I embed it in HTML and write but the full post link is embedded in there. Now I hope people don't think I am just linking at the main blog and they either hover over and actually click, lol. Lemme know if you ever thought that on any of my links and I'll do it another way that's more obvious then! Thank you so much for participating!


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