Thursday, February 18, 2010

Such Lovely Beads

I was in an earth tone mood today. I put on soft, calm colors, but my outfit was a little too calm. It needed something, so I started looking for some eye-catching jewelry.
The Boho Birdie set from Sable Rose was just the thing to punch up my ensemble, and it was a total steal. It's currently on SL Daily Deals for only 250Ls. (It's normally 300Ls by itself, but today you can get 4 jewelry sets in one pack for 250Ls!)
I love the dainty earrings and awesome cuffs, but the necklace is my favorite. If I had it in first life, I'd play with the beads, endlessly twirling them in my fingers. The set is fully modifiable, but the necklace fit me like a glove. It's probably the most perfect-fitting jewelry set I've ever owned.
If you didn't know about SL Daily Deals, I suggest you check it out. Each day a designer places one item up at a special price and a set quantity. You have until midnight (or until it sells out) to get it at that special price. Simple, right? It gets even better; there's an SLDD subscriber here that will send you an IM in-world when that day's deal becomes available so you don't miss out!

Go! Check out Sable Rose, and snag one of the jewelry packs before it sells out!

Style Sheet:
Skin: Dutch Touch (old group gift. The closest approximation is RiVeR - Basic)
Hair: - Cassie
Eyes: MADesigns - Promise Eyes
Lashes: Miriel - Glamour
Jewelry: Sable Rose - Boho Birdie Ladies' Jewelry Set
Tank: Last Call - Baroness
Pants: Celestial Studios - Cords
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - Various free chubby poses


Luna Jubilee said...

What a great look to show off Rosie's talent!

Thank you for talking about SLDD as well <3

Isabeau Reinard said...

It's my pleasure, Luna. I love SL Daily Deals, and that jewelry set is really great.

Rosie Barthelmess said...

Ooh ooh thank you so much!!

Isabeau Reinard said...

It was my pleasure, Rosie.


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