Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Thursdays

I have no real clue what a "Love Thursday" is but Isabeau told me a bit about it and I figured I could show some stuff I love this week. I was talking to a pal about our love for system skirts, so I figured I would wear one today! I know a lot of people are so not into the system skirt but I feel it is misunderstood. It is really the only way you can get a sleek skirt look without going the way of the crotch flap. I think A-Bomb does a lot of great system skirt dresses, like the one worn below:

So cute! The dress and shoes are a new release too!. A-Bomb is great for retro and subculutre-embracing styles so you need to check them out now. The shoes are color change, BTW. YAY! I also really love this hair from Vanity Hair. Every time there is a new release she outs a version of it out for 1L in an exclusvie color. Can you beat that? Heck no. I got this style in the exclusive dollarbie color when it came out and had to go back and get the black pack later. it's just too fun. The pocket watch necklace is from another fave of mine, DM Designs. There is something super fun about pocket watches and having it as a necklace is even better. YAY Again!

I also wanted to show another love of mine via face shot close-up. One thing I love is unusual and unique skins. When people think of "unusual" they often think of outrageously off the wall skins with florescent makeups and such; I, on the other hand, think of places like Skin Within who do skins that are made to represent real life looks in such a way that they became against the norm. We all know not everyone has a teeny, tiny slope nose and perfect cat-shaped eyes in real life. Skin Within embraces that and makes skins to fit all ethnicities and races. I am wearing my normal shape with the Amelie skin but when you purchase the skin a different shape is included. These skins are really unique and great for role play or everyday wear.
Dress and Shoes: A-Bomb
Skin: Skin Within
Jewelry: DM Designs
Hair (pics 1&2): Vanity Hair
Hair (pic 3): Lamb

Note on system skirts:
To make your butt not look gigantic in a system skirt, all you have to do is lower the size of your butt and saddle bags by a few points until you get the level of "flatness" you want. Your shape should either be modifiable or should have included a system skirt shape when you bought it. If your shape is no mod and you don't have a skirt shape I would suggest contacting the creator of the shape to make you a skirt version!


Cyclic Gearz said...

System skirtsss!!! WOOO! I am not a fan of the crotch flap unless they make them custom for my fat ass!

Sileny said...

LOL I know! The flap will be like 5 inches inside my butt rofl.

Isabeau said...

Yeah, I always have to dig flaps outta my butt too, and I usually have to resize them to fit my chunky little ass. I'm not a big fan of the crotch flap, but I'm still not willing to give up my Sasha bandage dresses from Haven Designs.


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