Thursday, October 8, 2009

So. Very. Random.

I have had a bunch of pictures on my desk top for a while now that were meant to be posted but never were. I shall post them all now. I shall post them and you will like it. *angry eyebrows* All these were meant to go with different posts but never quite ended up that way. So anyway, they don't match, there is no theme, just random Sileny outfits and such.
Above Details:
Skin: Mix and Match (free to group members)
Glasses W/Flower: Mix and Match
Necklace: Deco
Shoes: Unique Needs
Top (part of a dress): Elate!
Shorts: So Many Styles
Bracelet: With Sugar on Top
Hair: Old Gravy
Tattoos: Psycho Kat
Above Details:
Skin: Glance, hunt gift
Boots and Socks (socks are actually tights but the top part isn't shown): Sn@tch
Skirt and Scarf: Mix and Match
Hair W/Hat: Lamb
Shirt: Tea Lane, freebieAbove Details:
Skin: Curio
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Vest: Milk Motion

Woo! That was a lot of stuff. Hope you like some of it and go spend some money and what not.

*In the interest of disclosure, let it be known that I received the amazing Curio skins for free via a special bloggers preview for the 2009 Skin/Shape expo.


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