Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sassy and Classy

I bought this dress yesterday from Category 5 for only 25L....what a deal!!! I think I might have to go back and buy looked like just about everything was on sale for 25L. And it's just so darn pretty.I feel like I could be going to an interview at some high class fashion magazine in this look. Very chic.This skin is a yummy one from Rockberry which I think looks great with these eyelashes I got from On the Catwalk back in the day. The hair is a fave from Hair [OH] that I have been rocking in a few blog posts today because I don't want to take it off, haha.
The shoes are from Kookie and were a cheapie at 50L at one point, last time I was there they still were, but not sure if they are still there now.Dress: Category 5
Necklace: Sissi (review iten that I fell in love with)
Skin: Rockberry
Shoes: Kookie
Eyelashes: On the Catwalk
Hair: Hair [OH]
Shape: My personal one, not for sale


fancyfembot said...

You look so awesome! Thanks for this. I'll have a post on this soon.

Great blog by the way.

Isabeau said...

You look really cute! I love this dress!


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