Tuesday, March 25, 2014


  Hello!  Man, am I slacking on blogging.  I have more things I want to blog than time.  When I start college this summer it's going to be even worse.  ARGH!  OK, sorry about complaining.  I just had to get that off my chest and also it explains why I am so slow on reporting new releases.  ANYWAY, moving on!
  I got this hair in the Megastuff Hunt from Jaryth's Barber Shop and even though it's meant for dudes I just loved it anyway.  girls can rock short hair just as well as guys.  Well, not my RL self, I look horrifying with short hair, but that's not SL so never mind. :P  I had never heard of this store before but I highly suggest men go check it out because there are some really unusual and interesting things, like beards and receding hair lines, etc.  Sweet!
  I got this Rockabilly Princess top from Fission around the same time as the hair and it was just too perfect not to wear together.  I love the little mesh tied up part and my daughter loves the skull with pigtails drawing, haha.  Lots of colors available.
(Cut below this picture because undies is why)

  My skin is from Tuli for Skin Fair 2014.  Tuli is one of my, if not my most, favorite skin brands.  It's this perfect balance of photo-realistic and hand drawn.  It leans heavily to the hand-drawn feel which I prefer over the uncanny valley realism stuff.  Excellent.
  There are four options for cleavage which I think is pretty cool.  I showed them all here because a lot of people are looking for very heavy and very minimal cleavage so now people can see those options.  I especially love the more flat-chested option because it is frankly rare in SL.
  The particular skin I am wearing is only 600L at the Skin Fair and there are other two other skin tones and a shape included also.  You can purchase SLink hand and feet appliers separately for 50L each and Tango appliers for 30L (each includes all three tones.)  The appliers usually cost more but are cheaper for the duration of the fair.
More details below!
Skin: Tuli @ Skin Fair 2014
Skirt: Somnia
Shirt: Fission
First Hair: Jaryth's Barber Shop, hunt gift
Undies: Fishy Strawberry
Second Hair: Chemistry
Second pose: Marukin
First Pose: (I forgot and can't figure it out, don't kill me)
Tattoo: Radicalism (can't find)
Microphone: Pan Prims



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