Saturday, March 15, 2014

Skin Fair Script Limits

  Some people have been very concerned about not being allowed into Skin Fair and even getting ejected/crashing because of being over script limit.  Someone on Plurk mentioned that bloggers haven't much spoken about this.  I thought I should mention it here since I will be blogging lots of Skin Fair things soon.
  Script limit is 15.  You will be ejected if you go over.
  This event is wonderful, heck my store is in it even and I got early access and life is good hahaha, so I don't want there to be a ton of ill will and stuff.  That might make me seem biased but whatever, I'm happy with t. :P  I know my blog isn't like super popular or anything but it can't hurt to post this in case someone happens to see this before going to the event.
  Anyway, the event blog is HERE.  "Drama" or not (I do hate calling arguments and disagreements drama but that seems to be what we do these days) it's still a great event to check out.  Who doesn't like skins??  They even have male skins, kid skins, mesh head appliers...etc.  Go and make up your mind on whether you are for or against the event (just go with 15 or less scripts on please.)


Whispers said...

Sadly I was kicked out of game and ejected twice before I ever got any sort of warning and of course NOW I am reading your warning. LOL I won't go back. I'm too irritated because frankly with all the advertising I really feel that should have been mentioned and at least allow time for the pop up to even show up. Seriously!

Sileny said...

I 100% agree there needed to be a longer time for the pop-up, for sure. If it was, say, a 30 second pop-up it would have saved so much confusion and frustration I think.


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