Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Cuz

  So I spend most of my time in SL bald, AO-less, probably naked, because of the being a creator/hermit thing, as I have said before, so when I put an outfit on for no reason other than to feel cute I guess I should blog it.
  Most of these items aren't particularly new so I am sure you have seen the blogged a million time before.  I just love the colors, the shapes, the styles, and feel that considering how happy they make me I should show them, new or not!
  I left the photo completely unedited, no sharp angled rounded or pixeled line smudged, because I wanted to show you how it was pretty enough unedited, with my lower end graphics, that I still felt compelled to post.  Spring is here folks, and the colors are ready to pop!
Dress: Valentina E. (past FLF item, not sure if still out in this color but I will check and update)
Shoes: Adore&Abhor
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth @ The Arcade
Skin and Mesh Head: SLink
Pose: Marukin



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