Saturday, July 21, 2012

OMG An Actual Review!

So Isabeau normally does the actual skin reviews and I kind of do like "Hey, here's some stuff!"  Today, however, I wanted to share the new skin line "Emma" from Cupcakes.
I am a total skin fanatic in SL.  I own soooo many that I totally love and I have so much fun trying new brands; however, there are only a few that I feel are "me."  One brand is MiaSnow with the new Sweety line.  Another is Tuli but she hasn't been active in SL for quite some time now.  Third would be my own skins, obviously.  The one that I have always felt is me, for years now, is Cupcakes.  This new Emma line is my fave so far.  A bonus to how cute it is is how cheap they are!!  The tones are normally only 299L but the copper tone, the one I am wearing in the first photo, is on sale for only 50L each makeup style and one is even free.  Each one comes with a bare version of the skin too so you really are getting a two for one.  They even contain various tattoo layers too!  How cool is that?
I have very few negative things to say about this.  Maybe the only thing is the fuller cleavage on the lightest tone is a bit gray.  Other than that I love everything.  There are so many tones to choose from, natural and fantasy, many more than what I have shown here.  The freckles are classic Cupcakes, the knees and breasts are great, the new lips are to die for, the fingernails aren't super creepy looking like most skin brands.  One of my fave parts is the stomach.  It's shaded in a way that would work with very thin to very curvy body types.  Love!
The lingerie I am wearing is also from Cupcakes.  Some of the styles in the photos, like the white one on top for example, are as low as 10L!  I love new undies because they are great for blog posts showing off skins and, hey, who doesn't love a little lace every once in a while?  Also, my hair is a new mesh hair from Alice Project that you can find at Hair Fair.  I used the Infinity HUD to change the color, which includes tips and streaks options also.
Hair: Alice Project @ Hair Fair
All Skins and Lingerie: Cupcakes
Cupcakes Item Details:
White Lingerie: 10L
Copper Skin Tone: All on sale for 0L-50L
Other Skin Tones: 299L
Black and Brown Lingerie: 25L each
Blue and Sequined Lingerie: Part of a special avatar pack that includes a skin, both lingerie items, a mesh dress and even eyes!


Kitty DeVaux said...

This is a great post, Sileny. Really informative and the photo you took showing different skins variations is really well done!


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