Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I got this skin from Cupcakes and it was so feminine and beautiful and I plan to blog it in more detail in a bit but first I had to make it look androgynous and put a bunch of tattoo makeup layers and stuff on it because I can't leave well enough alone. :D 
 Pairing this skin in a more bare version with this new hair from Entente at Hair Fair and these untamed eyebrows that are free from Sleeping Koala changes the feel completely.  You could take either of those items and still make a look that is light and fresh and bubblegum girly if you work at it but I just had fun turning this into an "I can't be bothered to fuss with all that girly high maintenance shit" style.
Skin: Cupcakes "Emma" line
Hair: Entente @ Hair Fair, mesh, includes four colors and a hud that does all kinds of tinting and resizing and stuff
Eyebrow Remover: Miss Shippe's Studio
Wild Eyebrow Tattoo Layer: Sleeping Koala, hunt gift in store
Shirt: [Echo]
Cigarette: N326



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