Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All content creators in SL have had to watch over their shoulders all the time to make sure their content isn't being stolen.  This is, unfortunately, useless.  People can steal easily and they do it often.  My items have been stolen and I am not even a big shop at all.  It doesn't affect me much other than making me cry and feel bad and want to quit.  For others, who make their RL incomes in SL, it can be devastating.  Most often stores are able to keep going even with the stolen items circulating because people want to support the original creator.  With the current case of Curio vs. Hush skins that isn't the case.  Hush has gone so far as to file a false copyright and get Gala's skins removed completely from the grid, giving her no chance to try and keep going.  It's appalling but it's happened before.  Because SL is all over the world, when this sort of thing happens people can't afford to fight in other countries.  This time we as a community will help the fight.
The One Voice fundraiser is here to help Gala Phoenix go to Canada and fight these false claims in court.  This international fight could set a new precedent and is extremely important to any content creator in SL and any other virtual world.  Whether you agree with Gala or not it's something you'll want to follow.  I am very tired and can't speak well on the subject but my pal Eden at Free*Style has explained things pretty well HERE with links to other information on the subject as well.  The fundraiser has some amazing items at great prices with 50%-100% of each item being donated to Gala Phoenix to help her fight this thief.  I hope you'll check it out, even if it's just to grab pretty things.
Dress: League @ One Voice, multiple wear options
Hair: Exile @ One Voice, multiple colors included
Corset: Dilly Dolls, new release, color change SO AWESOME!  There are a bazillion options and the mesh is lovely.  Another color is available as a VIP group gift with a join fee.
Skin and Lipstick: Adore&Abhor, lipstick is a group gift in the VIP notices (50L join fee but more gifts coming soon!)
Eyebrow Remover and Eyebrows, Miss Shippe's Studio, the eyebrow remover is included in the pack of eyebrows but you can also get an eyebrow remover for 20L I think it is on its own.
Mesh Eyes: Dilly Dolls, you can change each eye color individually, so cool



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