Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm in LUST!

When I found out I had been selected to receive a blogger preview pack of Launa Fauna’s new skins, at first I was too shocked to click accept. Then I squeed. A lot. I tried them on and stared at myself, camming over my whole body several times. (Vanity, thy name is Isabeau.) But there's no getting around it; I like these skins. I love these skins. I hot monkey lust these skins.
(From left to right: Fresh, Voom, Acres. Click for larger version.)

I admit I don’t own many Chai or Chai Nova skins. They just never looked right on me. However, Launa Fauna’s newest skin line L.Fauna is vastly different from her Chai skins. (There's even a different subscriber for the L.Fauna line, which can be found here.) Though she still offers the oh-so-awesome tintable brows and freckle options, the face and body are fresh and new. They’re head-to-toe beautiful, and when they’re released, I will have them all!

I received 3 skins in the pale 2 tone, and I’m amazed at how the softly shaded body almost glows.

One of my absolute favorite parts of these skins is the soft belly. I’m a curvy girl in SL so I'm not a big fan of rock-hard abs drawn onto women's skins. I’m proud to show off this belly rather than hide it under my clothes!

Launa still excels in the freckle department. Not only are her freckles very well done (not too light, not too dark) she also puts a smattering of freckles across the chest, the back, and subtle ones on the belly. As a freckled girl IRL, that tickles me. I look like a sweetheart in the "Fresh" makeup and that’s all right with me.

The skins come in 6 gorgeous tones (2 pale, 2 tan, 2 dark), all of which have tintable lips and brows, freckle options, and cleavage options (not shown here.)

As of right now, there are no demos to try because the skins haven’t been released. However, the public will get their first shot at these skins on the next 50 Linden Friday (tomorrow) when Launa offers a skin for only 50Ls. I challenge you to grab it and fall in love with the L.Fauna skins the way I have.

Skins by L.Fauna (will be released next week!)
Lingerie by Reasonable Desires
Eyes by Shine
Lashes by Miriel (no longer available, sorry)
Hair by
Shoes by HOC/House of Curios
Poses by Glitterati


Isabeau Reinard said...

This is Broke By Pay Day's 50th post! Woo hoo!

Sileny said...

\o/ We should get a sexy cookie!


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