Saturday, December 19, 2009

Geek Chich Rough Tough Sweet Treat

Some goodies I bought when shopping for the Winter Choice! 2009 event.
The skirt by =Feather= is completely prim. Meaning folks can look at your hoohoo-nono if you don't wear panties, teehee.
These shoes by CoCo make me just....*shudders with orgasmic glee*
I really wish I could have got more detail of this hat in the photo but my dumb butt decided to wear black hair when taking photos. Sigh. I promise it's cool though :PWorn:*
Shirt: Deviant Girls
Skirt: =Feather=
Socks and Hat: Picnic
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Mango, Mango! (my store :P)
Shoes: *CoCo*

*Stores in italics are participating in the Winter Choice! 2009 event and anything 100L or over purchased from the store contains a gift voucher. More information can be found HERE.



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