Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Hustle

Everyone is currently trying to find gifts at the last minute. In every group chat I'm in questions such as "What stores have transferable items?", "Are there any gift card sales?", and "What the hell am I supposed to buy for my friend so-and-so!?" are coming through every minute. I am going to try to post a few things you can get for the last minute on the cheap in the next 24 hours.
One thing I like that is El Inexpensive-o (under 100L!) is this cute sweater from {Boutique} at the Glance sim. It's grandma style without being bulky, which rocks. And it's trans! So, you win. Plus you can debate about what that reindeer creature is planning on doing to that tree. Or vice versa.
Sweater and Antlers: {Boutique} @ Glance (transferable!)
Skirt and Stockings: WhoNose
Boots: Sentou Yousei
Hair: White Well
Skin: Mix and Match
Glasses: *Duboo*
Mouth Ornament: Famish

I am going to start adding this message on the end of my posts that contain review copies for all the crumb bums who complain about disclosure:

-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Most were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.



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