Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Set + Two Looks = Long Post

I have had the Mora Gabby set from Alamood sitting in my inventory for a while waiting to be blogged and I couldn't decide if I should pair it with something casual or something sexy. The debate raged on until I decided oh what the heck, I'll do both!The stones on this set have the look of Tiger's Eye, which as a former rock collector I enjoy. (OMG...did I just let my nerd flag fly a bit there?) Paired with casual clothes I feel like the cool artist lady down the street who makes awesome painting and drinks chai and wears cool glasses (oh wait..that IS me!! Except significantly fatter than my av. Ahem.)The shoes I am wearing with the casual set are the new release from HOC. They are color change, modifiable, everything you could want in a prim foot and only 100L! Same awesome quality as all HOC goods. Love. I especially love how the toes are not too fat, too short, too curled, too straight, or too long. They are yummy little toesies! For the sexier look I am wearing the new release dress from Khush. I received the fat pack as a review copy and I chose the green one because...well...I love green It's tight, slightly shiny, low cut...hot. I am only wearing one ring and one bracelet from the Mora Gabby set but it comes with two of each, as well as the necklace on two attachment points. And what goes better with a tiny dress and baubles than knee high boots? The Skin I am wearing is one of the So 2010! Hidden 50L items at Glance skins. It makes me look kind of angry but I like it! Haha! The Orbis Penitus sim (where Glance is) is an adult rated sim so if you're not age verified you can't go.
And finally a close up of the bracelet in the set. The stone has black, brown, and tan in it so you can really pair it with any colors. Versatility is always key to me when buying things because I am not exactly rich and need things that I know I can wear more than once. Alamood has many versatile pieces and even shoes! More on the shoes later!

Casual Outfit:
Sweater: Ivalde (25L currently since it was a past advent gift)
Jeans: Mix and Match
Shoes: HOC
Hair: Flavor! Designs (I work here now! Woot! Make money money! LOL!)
Glasses: Insolence (got them in 2007 no idea if they are still there)
Skin: Glance (50L hidden item)

Dress: Khush
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Boots: Pixel Mode
Skin: Glance (50L hidden item)

Jewelry On Both: Alamood

I am going to start adding this message on the end of my posts that contain review copies for all the crumb bums who complain about disclosure:

-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Most were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.



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