Monday, July 6, 2009

Something so simple, yet so useful

I am completely handicapped when it comes to adjusting prim lashes. I have no idea why. I always think I have them adjusted properly, then I look at another angle and nope, I ain't got it. This usually leads to frustration and my walking around either eyelash-less or wearing a skin with eyelashes painted on (still on the fence on this one.)

However, before Miriel closed her doors I purchased her 3-pack of eyelashes (copy/no trans, 'cause I was sure I'd screw them up) and decided to give 'em a go. I still had trouble adjusting them until...

I found the mannequin skin from IMAGEN in my inventory and damn near messed myself. Once I donned the skin and eyes, I had the perfect blank palette for adjusting my eyelashes, and it didn't take long at all. And yes, they are perfect from all angles!

Thank you, Rack Brautigan, for de-tarding me (well, at least where eyelashes are concerned.)

Mannequin skin and eyes available at IMAGEN for 1L (and worth a lot more!)
(second skin is Tuli's Hope in natural. Eyes are from Shine.)


Isabeau Reinard said...

This blog was posted long before we were on the fashion feeds, and long before I even knew there *were* fashion feeds! LOL

If this tutorial helps you, please leave a comment. I love hearing how people are finally able to adjust their lashes properly.


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