Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just under 54,000 items

I can blog naked right?

Well, I'm doing it anyway.

I've got my iPod cranked to "make my ears bleed" volume while I clean out my "Jewelry Sets" folder. Yeah, see... I thought I was pretty organized (I put in a system when I hit 15,000 items) but once I got to 50,000 items, I started to forget what I have. Trouble is, I have some seriously gorgeous jewelry made by DarionMonkee Levitt of DM Designs* that should never be forgotten.

"Stone Dreams" is my favorite casual set. I wore it all winter with my sweaters and I've been wearing it with my tank tops this summer. It's available in 4 different colors, all of which are a must-have in your jewelry collection. I wear this set so often, I forget I have other jewelry!

The "Stoned Life" set is so pretty that it's just ridiculous. Available in 12 colors, the set comes with two bracelets, earrings, and a necklace.

The "Blissful" set is gorgeous, and it comes in 12 different colors. The set includes a necklace, earrings, and two bracelets.

And last, but not least:
This is probably my favorite set. The "Out 'n' Proud" set was released this June for Pride Month, and I wore it in my No H8 photo. There are 3 different lip rings, 2 different bracelets, and 2 different earring sets to choose from, plus a bead necklace, a ring, and even more options are coming soon. They're available now, and priced from L$49 - L$99 per piece. Disgustingly cheap, right? No excuses! Go git 'em and show your pride!

I have a lot more sets, but I'm sure you're tired of seeing me naked. Instead, go to DM Designs and pick up some jewelry sets. You won't be sorry.

Skin by Tuli.
Hair by ETD.
Eyes and lashes by Miriel (no longer available.)
Poses by ELISA (No longer available.)

* = DM Designs by DarionMonkee Levitt is a separate entity from Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell. All of the pieces worn above were designed and created by DarionMonkee Levitt. Her shop can be found at



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