Friday, July 17, 2009

Emo Izzy has *ICING*

This post is about starting over, and I've decided I'm going to do it with class.

Yes, I can be classy.

Stop laughing.

Anyway, let me pose a question or two:

Has a situation left you feeling as if you were tossed from a ship, beaten up by the waves, and washed up on shore?

Have you ever been sick to death of bending over backwards for people when they remain rigid?

I was, and I decided it was time to step back and take a really good look at myself.

I found some strength I had hidden deep down inside...

...and drew up the courage to walk away.

It was remarkably freeing. I felt like I could have fun once again.

Now I have my whole life ahead of me, and I'm going to dive back in the water head first.

Wish me luck.

Style Notes:
Photo 1:
Dress: *ICING* [Goodnight Kiss] (comes with hair flower)
Hair: ETD [Laurie II]
Skin: Domestic -V [Beat Me Skin]

Photo 2:
Suit: *ICING* [Zoe - Sapphire]
Hair: ETD [Sofia]
Skin: Domestic -V [Sketchy Bluejay Skin]
Shoes: ETD [Buckle Ballet Flats - Navy]
Pose: Striking Poses [Ciara "dollarbie" pose]

Photo 3:
That is two avatars, dressed identically and viewed through an alpha mirror texture with a pose care of Elle Kirshner. Yes, Miko's designs are so awesome that I bought them for myself and for my alt.
Dress: *ICING* [Hearts Desire] (Clutch purse included but not shown)
Hair: ETD [Gentle]
Skin: Free Speerit [Kimberly - Christmas]
Shoes: Jaywalk [Aileen]
A million thanks to Elle Kirshner of ~*Pulling Strings*~ for coming through with the perfect pose, and Teena Basevi for the alpha frame textures (originally made by Jonquille Noir)

Photo 4:
Dress: *ICING* [Jezebel]
Hair: ETD [Vivian]
Skin: :: Exodi :: [Shiloh - Caramel - Nosferatu]
Jewelry: **DM Designs** [Blissful - Onyx]
Pose: Striking Poses [Cyndi Lauper "dollarbie"]

Photo 5:
Dress: *ICING* [Seascape]
Hair: ETD [Tyra]
Skin: []::Tuli::[] [Hope natural]
Shoes: MESSY {Ooh Strappy! Heels - White]
Jewelry: **DM Designs** [Blissful - Blue Opal]

Photo 6:
Dress: *ICING* [Dame de Lotus - Burgundy]
Hair: ETD [Juliana]
Skin: []::Tuli::[] [Meredith (sunkissed) Retro Red]
Shoes: Jaywalk
Jewelry: **DM Designs** [Romance Pearl Set - Black/Silver]
Pose: Mela's [Ghettoblaster]

Photo 7:
Swim Suit: *ICING* [Anchors Aweigh]
Hair: ETD [Flapper]
Skin: []::Tuli::[] [Faith - light]

Eyes by Avalon Design
Lashes from Alady Island
All photos shot at Skye Estates



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