Friday, July 31, 2009

3K Missing

Feeling very grey today. LL must know this because they also decided to make 3K of my items disappear.

And we all know that they are a bunch of sadists....

...And not the good kind.

What I'm Gloomily Wearing:

All Posts:
Skin: Vanity Body
Shape: Not for Sale

Picture 1:
Dress: SD Boutique
Shoes: Wishbox
Glasses: Artilleri

Picture 2:
Dress: Parallel Love
Socks: Pig's Kick Closet
Hooves: Lazy Places
Glasses: Icing

Picture 3:
Sculpted Jacket, Sunglasses and Bodysuit: Royal Blue
Seamed Fishnets: Clover
Boots: Crimson Shadow

Note: As this is a blog dedicated to organizing inventory, some things are no loner available. If you see something you like but can't find feel free to IM me, Sileny Noel, any time.



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