Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Fair Goth

  I have been waiting excitedly for World Goth Fair for what seems like ages.  Now that it's here I am overwhelmed with all the awesome and had a hard time deciding where to start with the blogging!  Ah!  I decided to show something from Paper Moon first because I recently posted an item of theirs from the past Fantasy Faire and this is SO DIFFERENT that I thought it would be fun to show a totally other side of the brand.
  This mesh dress comes with different prints on the front, all from classic works of art in a dark, gothic style, and used *legally*, unlike so many other stores who just grab whatever they want from whichever artist they want without permission. (Stares for an uncomfortably long time at the art-snatchers who may be reading this.)  Each dress comes with information about the work of art featured as well, which made me really happy because I loved that little dose of history with my fashion!
  My skin is from La Petite Morte at Goth Fair.  This is from the skin line called Ophelia.  There is a version with heavier eye makeup that is a 50% donation item as well.  It seriously feels like just yesterday that this store started making skins, even though it has been a while now, and seeing them just get better and better each release is so exciting!!  My hair is from a newish-to-me store called Due and it's mesh and I love it, even though it didn't fit my bean-shaped head all that well. :P  I did a post on Free*Style with a free hair from there HERE as well.  My necklace is from Draconic Kiss and is also a 50% donation item at Goth Fair.  I am so afraid of spiders in RL (and obviously super afraid of poisonous ones like a black widow!) but in SL they are just fine!
  All details and such below!
Dress: Paper Moon @ World Goth Fair, other versions available as well
Skin: La Petite Morte @ World Goth Fair, 699L donation item
Necklace: Draconic Kiss @ World Goth Fair, 50% donation item, gems are texture change
Hair: Due
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard



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