Saturday, March 2, 2013


A bazillion while ago I told the owner of Squeek! that she should make some worms.  I don't exactly remember the context but it happened somehow.  The other day she was all "Hey remember when you said I should make worms?  Well, I finally did!"  I did a little happy chair dance which seems sort of odd when you consider I am happy about mouth worms but it's SL so hey. :P
My gorgeous to the max top is from Fameshed from Valentina E.  You can't see it that well but it's cropped and red and mesh and awesome.  Because it's sort of loose and flow-y it doesn't come with an alpha so, if you ca, make sure it fits you first!  My skin was a marketplace special from Pulse skins and it was cheap and limited time only I think so grab it before it's gone.  More item details below!
Skin: Pulse, 200L marketplace special
Shirt: Valentina E. @ Fameshed
Lipstick Tattoo Layer: Aimi, 7L
Hair: Exile
Necklaces: Lassitude & Ennui @ Shop Free*Style, free, includes more colors too
Worms: Squeek!, 25L gacha priza
White Prim Eye: By Snow, 1L
Button Neck Tattoo: Mes Petites Coutures, 1L
Eye Makeup: Chelle @ Shop Free*Style, 50L part of a pack of lots of colors



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