Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make More Shadowboxes :3

  People need to make more shadowboxes in general but especially incorporated into furniture, like this table set from Circa for the Lavender Hill Hunt.  I forgot how much I loved them until I got these and then I was all WHY DON'T PEOPLE DO THIS MORE OFTEN!?  I suppose people don't do it too much because the land impact result is usually frightening but I generally will make room for one or two high LI items in my house and leave the rest low impact.  At 35 LI for the tall table and 25 for the short table it's a big chunk of my meager prims but I love this so much that at least one of them will stay in my house for sure.
  Why do I like these so much, you may ask, since they are simply tables with little trees in them?  Well, that is wrong.  It's more than trees.  Look at the close up below:
  FRICKIN' BUTTERFLIES FLAPPING AROUND INSIDE IT.  There are trees and hills and butterflies and a tiny well and a bird and grass and fog and yeah I love it. :P  If you are a shadowbox lover like me then I suggest you get this fast because the hunt they are available in will be over March 10th.  Run!!  The items are 5L and there are two objects to find to get the complete set.  Go to Circa HERE to snag them.
  I should also mention that I do not have shadows on in this picture.  Those amazing shadows are courtesy of my new skybox from Apple Fall.  In fact, this entire photo is unedited, aside from cropping and a little framing.  So cool!


Cherelle Capra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the shadowboxes and you're right, more should be made most definitely! Pronto. Enjoy Sileny, you're too funny!


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