Thursday, January 3, 2013

How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

I was talking to someone on Plurk recently about how we are both sort of stuck in the 90's.  It's true, it really is.  I think, to an extent, people tend to have some sort of subconscious preference for a lot of things that were around when they were developing into an adult.  Like, my mom is really fashionable, totally with the times, but I can often see some hint of the 70s in what she likes.  With me, I find myself most excited about things that are from about 1994-2001 or so.  I remember wanting to be Gwen Stefani SO BAD when Tragic Kingdom came out.  I wore plaid pants and tank tops whenever I could for so long, haha.  Even well into high school I would bedazzle my bra straps so when they stuck out they were sparkly like hers were back then.  I totally should still do that. D:
Anyway, these plaid pants from Dilly Dolls reminded me of those times a lot.  I love how they have a curvier shape to them than most brands I have been seeing these days.  They also super pegged on the bottom so you can wear them under boots!  The sizes run a bit weird, like I usually have to wear a small or medium in pants but I wore an extra small with these.  Comes with all sizes though, so woo!  My sweater is the weekly special from Sn@tch and in several collar/cuff texture choices.  Currently 75L per size.  More info. below!
Pants: Dilly Dolls (160L right now for the full pack of ten colors of the plaid.  Other style packs available.)
Shirt: Sn@tch (Currently 75L per size with four styles included.)
Bracelets: Hoorenbeek
Hair: Truth
Skin: PXL
Lipstick: Adore&Abhor, not yet released
Guitar Case: Edelweiss



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