Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey, At Least I Got a Photo

So I have crashed so many times in SL lately.  I am having computer issues plus SL is being a butt to lots of people in general.  I managed to get a photo of my outfit of the day though so even if it isn't what I planned on blogging, and the photo is kind of small, at least I get to blog something cute!  Very little of this is new but I adore it all so maybe you will too!  Credits and info. below. :D
Top: Volstead, free on Marketplace, part of an outfit
Skirt: The Secret Store
Tights: Sheer
Necklace: Donna Flora (color-change flower, was on sale ealier today for 50L but might be over by now)
Hair: Elikatira, currently part of the retirement sale, was only 75L for the naturals color pack
Skin: Essences
Pictures: Pilot (today's Fifty Linden Friday item)



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