Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gummi Gummi Gum

It's never too cold to look cute. This new dress from Deviant Girls, shoes from Dilly Dolls, and skin from JeSyLiLo make for a great look for any season.The new skins from JeSyLiLo are perfect for the season. They are soft and feminine and have that flushed "been in the snow waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up and take me out to dinner" look. The bodies come in matte and shiny versions which is a great option to have when you like to take lots of photos and need options.The makeups have lots of shine and lean toward the pastel colors. Winter releases tend to have dark, matte makeups generally but the glimmer and gloss on these should be appreciated by those attending holiday parties as well as those living in countries currently having their summer.I am showing several different makeups but there are more tones and options and each makeup includes a hair base and cleavage option as well. I know I recently blogged skins from JeSyLiLo and I try not to post too much of one store in a row but this new line is so adorable it really needed to be shown!
Dress: Deviant Girls
Skins: JeSyLiLo
Shoes: Dilly Dolls (color change!)
Hair: Sixty-Nine
Stockings: Ooh LaLa!
First Pose: Marukin
Second Pose: [LAP]
Eyes: Rozena
Lingerie: Reasonable Desires



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