Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trailer Park Girls

I never thought I would wear a shirt with prim boobs. Let's be real here and say that most stores selling prim boob clothing are...skanky. I'm not saying these shirts from Violent Seduction are for black tie events or anything but they sure are cute, haha!Anyway, the shirts are fairly easy to fit, the underboob is easy to tint and if you already own skins by Violent Seduction then they match perfectly right off the bat. Hybie and I did a sort of trailer park theme for kicks but really you can wear this to clubs, for photos or any sort of naughty fashion-requiring event.

Tops: Violent Seduction
Skirt: CandyDoll
Shorts: Salvadori's
Sileny's Hair: Ploom
Hybie's Hair: Lamb
Sileny's Skin: Cupcakes
Hybie's Skin: Violent Seduction
Glasses: DECO, hunt gift



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