Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dolly Red

Blue Blood has a new release out and, as always, it's lovely. I am wearing the red color with the lolita skirt option but there are other options as well. Only 100L and transferable for gifting!The dolly key is from Dilly Dolls. Emo cat makes me giggle so hard. All the parts of the key can be recolored, even the eyes and nose.The shape I am using is a new release from Savoir Faire Shapes. They make great specialty shapes, such as dolls, as well as more traditional styles.

Dress: Blue Blood
Doll Key: Dilly Dolls
Hair: BC322
Skin: Violent Seduction
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes
Poses: Hopscotch
Stockings: Sheer
Shoes: Ladies Who Lunch
Freckle Layer Tattoo: Mango, Mango!



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