Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Letter D!

There is an alphabet blogger challenge going on right now and the letter I ended up with is D! There were sooo many stores I wanted to do that didn't end up in this post (Dilly Dolls, Dreams, I still love you!) but I just went with a really casual look in the end since I have been all skirts-and-dresses lately.This skin is a freebie too! What? Free? Yes! The boards at Dimbula Rose change prizes often so hurry while you have a chance!
Vest: Dernier Cri (Platinum Hunt, no longer available)
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Hair Fair, free fat pack!
Striped Shirt: Deviant Girls
Jeans: Decoy
Shoes: Duboo
Skin: Dimbula Rose (lucky board prize!)
Necklace: Monkee (HOWEVER the store was named DM Designs at the time I received it :P)


Eden Knoller said...

sweet! I got my F so I'm fixin to do my E! <3


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