Friday, September 24, 2010

I'll Take my Cupcakes With a Side of Yabusaka Awesome, Please!

There may be typos in this post. It is FREEZING where I live and I am shivering but still trying to type, lol! Why bother making a post when you have to be all uncomfortable to do it? That's probably what you are thinking. Well, the reason is...NEW SKIN FROM CUPCAKES!!This skin line comes in the tones we all love, three of which (Whisper, Cream, and Copper) are shown above. The skin also comes with cleavage and "regular" options which is seriously a must have these days.This skin has so many features and a lot of WOW! BAM! AWESOME! You can see me wearing the black eyebrows on the tattoo layer at the end of the post; however, if you like blonde, red, etc. brows, a different style of eyebrows (there are three), or no eyebrows at all (my favorite option, as shown in the rest of the pics) then you can have those too!! My only complaint about these skins is that I would love more non-tattoo layer eyebrow options for us non-2.0 using lamers, hehe.The makeups are fabulous, as you can see. There is everything from natural, to pin-up, to super goth! Not shown here but also released are fantasy makeups for you fairy type folk :D I looove the glossy lip and the nose on these skins. I have been a big supporter of Cupcakes skins were called Rosemar, lol! Each release gets better.Don't forget to peek in at the necklace I am wearing!! It is a new release from Yabusaka and...guess what?...It can change what the letters say!!! How cool is that? A lot of things I see that have customizable writing usually use bad texture change systems but this sculpted beauty makes everything look great. Of course I chose to write "Cake" on mine for this post, teehee. A fun contrast to the lace lingerie and bedroom hair I think ;D

Skins: Cupcakes
Necklace: Yabusaka
Hair: Simply Britnee
Lingerie: Lingerie Boutique (only 10L with group tag!)
Hair in Last Photo: Raspberry Aristocrat (hunt gift)
Shoes: N-Core
Pose: Long Awkward Pose


Jerry said...

I see nipples in this post. Nipples are win. Therefore this post is win.

This corollary brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Jerry.

Sileny said...

Friendly neighborhood pervert!

Jerry said...

Last time I pay you a compliment.



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