Sunday, September 12, 2010

Angel or Demon?

My friend Laerke sent me a link to a gorgeous dress on Xstreet. I bought it hoping it was as great as it was in the totally is!It's so romantic feeling with it's puffed sleeves, bustle, lace, and even an umbrella with holding AO. I put the top from the Lil Nipper dress from Sn@tch over it to add a bit of extra sauciness. It all goes perfectly with the hair from Miamai at Hair Fair. I was wandering around in this outfit and got two separate people asking me to tell them where the hair was from because they wanted to get it right then. :)
Dress w/Umbrella and Gloves: Aliza Karu Creations
Hair: Miamai @ Hair Fair
Skin and Top layer w/Suspenders: Sn@tch



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