Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ugh My Aching Back

I found a giant bear. He decided to ride on my back because he hurt his paw. I was mad at first but we have become good friends.Though my back is really beginning to hurt...I love this bear though for real. It is quite and attention getter! It is available in several patterns and is color change to match your outfit. It also comes with an AO so you don't have to worry about your AO not working with the bear. The skin is a new release from Nuuna's and I must say I am in lurve. Lots of makeups varieties in this and only 299L for the whole shebang. A 10L version in green makeup too!
Worn: All Clothes, Hair, and Bear w/AO: Dilly Dolls
Skin: Nuuna's (take the TP pad upstairs)



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