Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreaming Kitty

I rarely ever do neko posts because it's just not "me." I am, however, a major shape shifter so when I saw this cute tail and ears for free from *Dreams* I was like I am going to surprise Sanura with a blog post!Putting together this look made me feel saucy! I think I made the neko look "me" and that means a lot. I love that the tail is skinny because the floofer ones always make me think of Pony Girl tail butt plugs. Heh. I understand some people want to be fluffy kitties though and there is a poofy version for them :DThe BOOTS. Lassitude & Ennui was like my all time fave store when I was a n00b and they release items so infrequently so when Achariya posted these boots I got them right after I finished drooling!The outfit I am wearing is from SYSY's and is The fit is amazing and the textures as well, bravo Sysy! The hair...omg the hair...I about peed when Quiver sent me the hair to try. Can we say new fave updo? And the yes are my new faves! Yes, I have a new fave. Win!
Outfit: SYSY's
Ears and Tail: *Dreams* by Sanura Snowpaw (free! go now!)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Hair: Nushru
Tatoos: Grunge Inkorporated
Eyes: Rosie's Thingies
Final Pose: H:3D
Skin: Sn@tch
Pictures taken HERE



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