Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Flying Grim

Grim Bros. has so many release at alt fair! I want to show you them all but time constraints = sadness. So here is one of my faves!The Emerald Lili dress comes complete with hat and heels and is in my favorite color, emerald green. 100% of the revenues from this outfit go to Nothing But Nets. Can you beat that? Well you can't really beat 100%, though you can match it...and Material Squirrel is also donating 100% of the amazing, limited edition Ondine wings! At only 199L these wings are a steal. Even the Iren skin (which is gorgeous and only 300L!) is giving 100& of proceeds to charity!
Outfit: Grim Bros.
Wings: Material Squirrel
Hair: EMO-tions
Skin: Iren


Isabeau Reinard said...

I'm glad you got a chance to blog more stuff before the fair ended. I loved the Material Squirrel wings and wanted to blog them and the outfit from Goth1c0 but I totally got slammed with RL company for a week, and I'm just getting back to SL now. Having company really screwed me :( but I am glad you had the time to give the designers the attention they deserved while I was gone. <3


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