Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Imabee Skins! *Screams With Joy*

The new Lucy 2 skins have arrived at Imabee!! These are my fave Imabee skins so far. I have found them flattering on most shapes I own (which is a lot seeing as I own a shape store :P) and the makeups are, in general, universally flattering as well. I also love the option have no cleavage or cleavage. Sometimes you want big 'uns and sometimes you want little 'uns.I took pictures of my fave makeups in the two lightest tones. I really love all the makeups though; there isn't a WTF, EEW! one in the bunch!You can find the Vivian and Lucy 1 skins at the store currently for 50% off.

Skins: Imabee
Hair: Nushru
Bikini: Elate!
Eyes: Wasabi Pills



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