Monday, January 11, 2010

Tazzmania New Release

My pal Tazzy owns Tazzmania and frequently releases cute, creepy, and crute (mix of cute and creepy rofl) items but never really anything "sexy". Well now things have changed. Oh Tazzy, you make me hot stuff.There are dresses with pink bows, dresses with black bows, all full of lace and tiny skulls......and then there is the chain one! Big WOO! for this considering my love of chains. Mmm...constricted.P.S.- The skin is a freebie from Nuuna's which I have blogged before but never get tired of.
Dress: Tazzmania
Skin: Nuuna's (free!)
Hair: Lamb
Necklace: Rebel-X
Tattoos: Sn@tch
Shape: Not for sale, but you can find other shapes by me at Shape It Up! and there is a sale going on now :D


Tazzy said...

Hey my sweet! I'm stalking you lol. I sent you some offlines, I hope you get them in your email. Love You Lot's! And don't worry bout a thang chickenwang! <3 xoxo


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