Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've been a bad, bad blogger

Hi folks. Long time no see. Between family emergencies and those pesky holiday gatherings, I've been away for most of November and December. I didn't get to blog nearly as often as I wanted to, and I feel terrible about it.
Alas, it's a new year, and I plan to blog more often. A lot more often. If you're not sick of seeing my face already, you will be soon!

So let me show you what I've been wearing for... 2 weeks? I love it all so I haven't taken it off.

Sileny passed me her newest shape and I fell in love with it. Bettie is petite and curvy, and absolutely adorable. Though I've been tweaking my av's body for a year or so, I usually refuse to change my face. I've been walking around with hers for a while and I love it. She also goes fantastically with a number of skins and that's always a good thing.
And the eyes... Oh, the eyes. I went to L.Fauna to check out the skins and fell in love with these on the way. There's a ton of options in each pack (large pupil, small pupil, prims or no prims, and "soul prims" that illuminate you) and all of them are striking.
And last but certainly not least, the cheongsam has to be one of my favorite clothing items in SL. I was amazed by the beauty and superb construction of the Tender Blossom dresses from Musashi-Do, and when a blue version was offered up as an SL Daily Deal exclusive on December 24th, I snapped it up and haven't taken it off since.
There will be a lot of changes coming for me this year. Perhaps I should start by changing my clothes...

Nah... :)

A happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to all.

Style Sheet:
Shape: Shape It Up! - Bettie
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Pale group gift (L$250 join fee)
Hair: Diversity Hair - Natsumi - Hi-ho Silver (full bright turned off)
Eyes: CHAI Eyes +Allure+ [GRAY 2] small pupil (with prims)
Dress: Musashi-Do - Tender Blossoms (Winter Night) (this color is no longer available, but other colors are in the store.)
Poses by Long Awkward Pose: [Photo 1] M-Depressed [Photo 2] M-Quiet Glance [Photo 4] Shoe1-Classic Shuuz
(The chair in the first photo is from Elisa, but I didn't use the poses in it.)


Sileny said...

AWW you're so cute I want to eat you alive

Isabeau Reinard said...

That's your handiwork, my dear! I tried her with LionSkins, L.Fauna, Tuli, RockBerry, and Belleza and she's adorable in all of them.

DarionMonkee Levitt said...

The pics look great! Everything looks so smexy on you. BTW..Sileny ima eat her before you :P


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