Sunday, January 3, 2010

AtomicBambi Skins!

I love dark skins, let it be known. I get excited whenever I see a new darker tone in a skin line. So I was like WOOOO when I saw the new Mocha tone of the Imani line. And I think my excitement was justified.The bodies have this perfect sheen, not "oily" but not flat. The tummy is soft enough for chubby shapes but has some definition for the skinny folk. The makeups are really great too, with lots of options. Shown below is the "pure" makeup. There are freckled and non-freckled, glossy and matte for each makeup. Doesn't it make you swoon?My favorite makeup of the line is the Scarlet glossy, shown below. I can't resist a red lip. I just can't. The hair I am wearing in this post is a new release from Exile called Eva. I love the swoop of the bangs and the little messy bits on the side. A nice contradiction to the smooth "perfect" look so many hair styles in SL have.
Skin: Imani Mocha by AtomicBambi
Hair: Eva by Exile
Shape: Megan by Shape It Up!
Lingerie: The Fringed Lingerie, Cupcakes

Disclosure Statement:
-Some of the items on this post were review copies. Some were not. Any questions feel free to ask me. I will not ever blog anything that I wouldn't buy anyway.


Isabeau Reinard said...

Dark skins are love, especially when they're well done. It's nice not to be grey, or green, or (gasp) purple. I bought a few more CANA Dark skins during the sale. I didn't know about AtomicBambi then.

Sileny said...

omg yes! I hate the green skins :/ wth!?


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