Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secret Agent

Amaya was once a poor girl growing up in the slums of Kingston. Surrounded by violence and poverty she watched the tourists with envy and wished for the day she could get away. She fought for everything from the day she was born, only her beauty saved her from complete destruction. As she grew older she grew stronger and people began to take notice of her. Some important people. One day a knock on the door came and men in suits took her family away. "We will return them safely to you if you work for us. It is dangerous but you, we think, will survive." She had done many things she did not want to do in her time...this couldn't be that bad...could it?
Dress: Musashi Do (some of the best, most original texture work I have ever seen in SL. Make sure to stop by, even if just for a peek. There is stuff for men and women so you have no excuse not to!)
Hair: Flavor! Designs (again, items for men and women available. Even some hunt prizes and freebies floating about)
Skin: Street Dermatology (was a past gift, no longer available. However, there are some amazing skins in the store with free updates for life when you buy them so make sure to check it out)
Pose: (PDA) (A.K.A.- Penny Dreadful Arcade)


Isabeau said...
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Isabeau said...

Musashi-Do is awesome. I <3 those dresses so hard.

You look hot. I would let you kill me if you wore that dress. Hahaha

Sileny said...

/me just pokes ya with a pointy stick instead of keeeling you. :D


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